Individual Support

During the Campus Connections Aotearoa programme, University of Auckland student mentors help each youth participant to identify their individual needs. Youth and mentors work together to build on current skills and develop new ones.

During the weekly walks around campus, your mentors will help you get used to the university environment and the many opportunities available.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Campus Connections Aotearoa is committed to providing a positive and safe environment.  We want you to have fun, develop meaningful relationships and important life skills.

Campus Connections Aotearoa draws on evidence-based practices for youth mentoring.

Focus on the Future

Campus Connections Aotearoa focuses on individualised support towards your future goals. Our mentors will help you work on whatever study, career or personal skills you wish to focus on.

Because Campus Connections Aotearoa is located at the university, you will experience firsthand the possibilities of education and the importance of learning.

I feel more confident about myself and I am now letting my feelings out to people I trust, I have enjoyed the activities, food and mentors here. I have learnt to achieve my goals and that education is a good opportunity for your life. The most things I will remember about this was that all the mentors helped others out when needed.

2017 Youth Participant

I feel really good about the people at Campus Connections because of the kindness and how caring they are towards their mentees and the activities were really fun and well organised and everybody is always happy.

2018 Youth Participant

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