CC-A is a powerful, multi-level, therapeutic youth mentoring programme that combines mentoring, prosocial activities and counselling support for young people who have been excluded from mainstream school.  Student mentors and youth mentees are grouped into mentor whānau, so that youth can benefit from multiple mentor influences and students can learn from and support each other’s practice. CC-A’s innovative structure and setting helps to counter recognised risks (such as relationship abandonment, negative role-modelling, and peer contagion effects) associated with community-based mentoring among vulnerable youth. The availability of youth-friendly counsellors overcomes barriers youth often face in accessing therapeutic support. The fully supervised, structured nature of CC-A offers students the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service while honing their practice skills within a multidisciplinary team and a community of peers. The relationships formed between students and young people provide positive developmental opportunities to support the well being of under-served youth and help shape the next generation of youth practitioners.

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Community Mentors
Students assigned as Community Mentors fulfil a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of the programme. They have opportunities for practice observation, while also gaining confidence and experience through hands-on involvement in programme activities.

Student mentors are responsible for developing and sustaining a mentor relationship with one or more young people. This includes developing support plans to help meet the needs and personal goals of each assigned young person.


Students assigned to a Coach role will usually have previous mentoring, other human service, or teaching experience. Coaches function in a leadership capacity, supporting mentors in their practice and reinforcing the framework and key principles of the programme.

Counsellors in Training
Post-graduate counselling students are available during the programme to provide extra support for each young person when needed.

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