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What is Campus Connections Aotearoa?

Campus Connections Aotearoa is a youth mentoring programme held one day per week at the University of Auckland Epsom Campus. Campus Connections Aotearoa works with youth enrolled in Alternative Education. Young people are connected with University of Auckland students for mentoring support aimed to fit with the individual needs of each young person.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is usually someone who is older and more experienced who can share their knowledge and skills, provide guidance and support, and act as a positive role model.  A mentor can help you set and achieve goals, learn more about yourself and decide your future path.

Who are the Campus Connections Aotearoa mentors?

Campus Connections Aotearoa mentors are University of Auckland undergraduate and post-graduate students who are trained youth mentors. Mentors come from a variety of degree programmes including Counselling, Social Work, Arts, Commerce, Science, Education and more.

Who can take part in Campus Connections Aotearoa?

Campus Connections Aotearoa works with youth enrolled with participating Alternative Education providers.

How do I sign myself | my young person up for Campus Connections?

Young people enrolled with a participating Alternative Education provider will automatically be invited to take part. Where possible our Youth & Whānau Worker will meet with the young person and their whānau together, or make contact by phone or email, to explain the programme in more detail and gain consent for the young person to be involved.

What are the expectations for youth taking part in the programme?

To create a safe and positive environment and get the best out of the programme, we ask that you:

  • Make a commitment to attending every session
  • Stay within arm’s length of a mentor at all times
  • Behave respectfully towards yourself, others and university property
  • Keep yourself and others safe
  • Follow mentor and Campus Connections Aotearoa staff instructions
  • Be open to trying new things
Where does Campus Connections Aotearoa take place?

CC-A mentoring sessions take place at the University of Auckland Epsom Campus located at 74 Epsom Avenue Auckland. Throughout the programme we use different rooms and spaces for the different activities we run for the youth involved. AE staff transport the youth to Epsom Campus each week.

What is the Campus Connections Aotearoa daily schedule?

Campus Connections Aotearoa mentoring sessions occur on Thursdays throughout each week from March 17th 2022 – June 2nd 2022 and from Aug 4th – October 20th.  We have a set daily schedule that starts when the youth arrive at 10am each week. There is a graduation ceremony on October 20th 2022 for all participating youth mentees and student mentors.  We welcome whānau to take part in the graduation event.

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