PROFCOUN 700 is 15-point service-learning course nested into Campus Connections Aotearoa youth mentoring programme and available in the first semester. Service-learning courses integrate community service with instruction and reflection to enhance the learning experience. In the case of PROFCOUN 700, the community service involves counselling practice within a youth development framework through CC-A. The course, including supervision meetings, lectures, mentoring sessions and debrief, takes place every Thursday throughout the first semester from 8.00am – 3.00pm.  Across the semester dates, students enrolled in PROFCOUN 700 will develop a range of skills, including relationship building and therapeutic intervention with youth participants, as part of their hands-on learning experience.

About the Course


The course runs for a full day from 8.00am – 3.00pm each Thursday of the first semester (see session dates below), 4 of these hours are spent in counselling and youth development related activities with the youth and students involved. This dedicated time is designed to enhance the impact of the experience for both youth and students.

Because the face-to-face hours for this course are much higher than for other electives, the number of course readings and the written component of the on-course assessments is reduced. A substantial focus is on practice-based learning and some assessments are completed during class time. Places in PROFCOUN 700 are open to Postgraduate Diploma Counselling Theory and Master of Counselling students and to other University of Auckland postgraduate students who are able to take a 700-level elective.

Important Things to Consider


Full Commitment is Crucial

Given that you will be working with vulnerable young people, your commitment is critical. We expect full attendance at training, lectures, weekly programme sessions, post-session debriefs and the programme graduation

Pre-Programme Training

The programme includes 16 hours of pre-training which you must attend (lunch is provided both days):

9am – 5pm Thursday 3  & 10 March 2022


Session Dates

Sessions run on Thursdays from March 17 – June 2, excluding Thursdays during the university mid-semester break/school holidays (April 21 & April 28)


Practice Expectations

Counselling within CC-A  requires the flexible use of therapeutic skills to deliver brief, youth-friendly, counselling interventions in accordance with the programme model

Applications Close 28 January 2022


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