EDUC 747, PROFCOUNS 700 and SOCYOUTH 300 are service-learning courses with an emphasis on practice, which in this case occurs within the context of Campus Connections Aotearoa youth mentoring programme. The programme serves youth aged 13-16 years and is committed to providing a safe environment for participants. This means students must apply for the programme, including a vetting process, before they can enrol in any of these courses.  The steps for applying and enroling are outlined below.

Step 1 : Complete an Online Application

Submit an application online. Applications take approximately 20-30 mins to complete. Applications for Semester 1 close on January 28 2022 and Semester 2 close June 9 2022.

Step 2 : Attend an Interview

Once we receive your application we will invite you to attend an interview to discuss your skills, interests and ability to work with young people.


Step 3 : Background Checks

After your interview we will conduct background checks including a NZ Police and reference checks. Police vet requests take approx. 4-6 weeks to return a result.


Step 4 : Offer of Place

Once we have completed background checks without concerns arising, an offer of place in the programme / course will be made.


Step 5 : Sign Agreements

After recieving an offer of place, you make your final decision about taking part in the programme and if wanting to go ahead, sign programme agreements.


Step 6 : Concession to Enrol in Course

Once you have accepted the offer and signed your agreement to participate, a concession to enrol is issued  and you can enrol in the relevant course via Student Services Online.

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